Kathleen Fitzwilliam Lakey is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Downtown Salt Lake City, she specializes in teens, and parenting challenges. Kathleen works from the Love and Logic parenting model and enjoys working with parenting issues at all ages. Kathleen graduated from the University of Utah with a Masters in Social Work and has practiced in various clinical settings both in Utah and Alaska. She has worked with various populations of young people including children in foster care, school social work, severe behavioral problems, pediatric inpatient psychiatric care, residential treatment for teens, and continues to work with high risk teens and young adults in her private practice. Prior to private practice Kathleen worked in rural Alaska in community mental health. She began teaching parenting classes to the community and to clients after feeling inspired by the love and logic body of work as a theory relatable to all relationships and through all phases of life. Further research has brought Kathleen to apply theories of child development and attachment theory to Love and Logic teaching. Helping young people navigate the early stages of adulthood is one of Kathleen's primary areas of interest. Kathleen is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys spending time running, hiking, cooking delicious food and doing hot yoga.

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  • Strategies for Parenting Teens Through Liftoff and Into Their 20's