What Students are Saying:

"Stephanie is such a delight! I love professors that are so passionate about what they teach that they can't help but instill a seed
of their passion in you, and Stephanie has truly done that with me. As promised, I can no longer go down the street without looking at a
particular plants' shape, size, color, structure, and manner in which it fits with the surrounding landscape."
-Katrina H.

"Stephanie presents so much info with such enthusiasm. She is so helpful with her suggestions and answers questions thoroughly. She really knows her 'stuff'!"
-Pam S.

"Wonderful class! Stephanie is a terrific teacher with such a depth of knowledge!"
-Cecele Cox

This class was fantastic!! Stephanie is incredibly knowledgable & an engaging speaker and teacher. I especially loved her focus on what would be practical and maintain-able and on water conservation. We were guided through the process of creating a plan for our own gardens, whatever our needs might be - from lawn to xeriscape to rock/gravel elements, annuals or perennials - without judgment for different aesthetics and needs. So we all left with something to take away. Thanks, Stephanie!
-Gillian S.

"Stephanie is extremely knowledgeable and made the class fun, easy to follow and learn how to create a plan that makes sense. I loved it so much I'm taking landscape design 2 and other classes she teaches. I highly recommend this class! You won't be disappointed"
-Kim E.

"Stephanie was excellent! She always came to class prepared with presentations and materials and also had an enthusiastic energy in her teaching. You can tell she is very passionate about landscaping. She is very knowledgeable on landscape design. I learned so much from her and can't wait to apply it towards my home's projects!"
-Natalie N.

STEPHANIE DUER is currently teaching:

Class Title Semester Date(s) Program
Visual Journaling: Observation and Art in the Garden Spring 4/16/24 - 4/27/24 Lifelong Learning
Residential Landscape Design I: Concept and Planning Summer 5/21/24 - 6/25/24 Lifelong Learning
Residential Landscape Design II: A Deeper Look at Plants Spring 4/03/24 - 4/24/24 Lifelong Learning
Unexpected Guests: How to Landscape for Wildlife Summer 8/01/24 Lifelong Learning
A Tasty Garden: How to Grow, Harvest, and Use Herbs Summer 7/11/24 - 7/18/24 Lifelong Learning