"Stephanie is such a delight! I love professors that are so passionate about what they teach that they can’t help but instill a seed
of their passion in you, and Stephanie has truly done that with me. As promised, I can no longer go down the street without looking at a
particular plants' shape, size, color, structure, and manner in which it fits with the surrounding landscape." -Katrina H.

"Stephanie presents so much info with such enthusiasm. She is so helpful with her suggestions and answers questions thoroughly. She really knows her 'stuff'!" -Pam S.

STEPHANIE DUER is currently teaching:

Class Title Semester Date(s) Program
Residential Landscape Design I: Concept and Planning Spring 1/12/22 - 2/16/22 Lifelong Learning
Basics of Waterwise Landscaping Spring 3/30/22 - 4/06/22 Lifelong Learning
Spring Clean Your Garden and Your Gardening Tools Spring 2/26/22 - 3/05/22 Lifelong Learning
Residential Landscape Design II: A Deeper Look at Plants Spring 2/23/22 - 3/16/22 Lifelong Learning