As a former Certified Financial Planner turned freelance writer, Debbie Leaman is no stranger to redefining her life. In 2016, Debbie was approached by Art Access and Salt Lake County Aging Services to develop and teach a writing course called, "Creative Aging: Re-Imagining Your Life," a workshop she has continued to teach ever since. In addition, she teaches a variety of courses including Writing Through Grief and Write Your Creative Aging Story: The Art of the Personal Essay. Her writing has appeared in numerous local, national, and international magazines and on a variety of websites. She is also a Certified Grief Educator trained by David Kessler, world-renowned grief expert. Debbie listens deeply, helping class participants translate their thoughts, experiences, and feelings into words on the page. Encouraging others to express and rediscover themselves by putting pen to paper brings her great joy.

DEBBIE LEAMAN is currently teaching:

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DEBBIE LEAMAN has previously taught:

  • Writing Through Grief
  • Let's Write!
  • Writing Through Grief
  • Writing as a Tool to Cope With Anxiety
  • Re-Imagining Your Life: A Creative Aging Writing Workshop