Jan can't remember when art was not a part of her life. . . her refuge, her muse, her friend. Jan works primarily in metal and polished stones to create unique jewelry. She started metalsmithing in college after taking an unplanned class in jewelry making that caused her to change direction in art. She loves combining stones and metal, contrasting light and opacity in a single piece. Her focus is to create jewelry that tells a story. She instructs metalsmithing, both privately and at several locations in the community and currently is co-owner of Salt City Smithery, a teaching studio in South Salt Lake City.

What Students are Saying:

"Jan Harris Smith is an outstanding educator with a vast amount of knowledge and expertise. I feel very lucky to have taken this course from her. She is absolutely the best of the best. Silversmithing has been on my bucket list for years, this course was beyond my expectations."
-Penny M.

"Jan is not only very knowledgeable, but also extremely patient with her students. I greatly appreciated her approach to teaching and plan to continue to take classes from her again."
-Krista W.

"Jan is a deeply knowledgeable instructor, passionate about sharing her talents and insight, and genuinely glad to see her students develop. She is a committed artist and the span of her practice is inspiring. For any prospective beginners, it’s worth noting that her patience is near Herculean. She is a gift to newcomers and highly recommended."
-Kate N.

JAN HARRIS-SMITH is currently teaching:

Class Title Semester Date(s) Program
Metalsmithing I Fall Multiple Lifelong Learning
Metalsmithing II Summer, Fall Multiple Lifelong Learning
Lost Wax Casting for Jewelry Summer, Fall Multiple Lifelong Learning
Lapidary: Cutting and Polishing Stones for Jewelry Fall Multiple Lifelong Learning