Instructor: KATIE LAWSON


Katie Lawson has worked on organic vegetable farms since 2011 and has been studying mycology and growing mushrooms since 2016. She currently runs an educational mushroom farm and research garden through her company, Fungal Focus. Katie believes that all roads lead to mycology and looks forward to meeting you on your mycological journey.

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"Katie was fantastic with all her nerdy mushroom knowledge. I learned so much in this class and look forward to taking other classes from her." -Anne C.

"It's a joy to learn from someone as passionate as Katie. She geeks out over mycology and it makes the content engaging, interesting, and fun!" -Michelle M.

KATIE LAWSON is currently teaching:

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KATIE LAWSON has previously taught:

  • Can, Dry, Store, Eat: Methods for Winterizing Utah's Local Food Supply
  • Mushrooms 101: Putting the Fun in Fungi (Age 9-11)
  • Mushrooms 101: Putting the Fun in Fungi (Age 12-14)
  • Fungi Inside and Out
  • Fungal Ecology: From Forest to Farm (or Garden!)