Instructor: SKY SIMONS


Sky Simons graduated with a Philosophy BS from the University of Utah and still enjoys overthinking everything. She's been in love with fountain pens for decades, journaling for longer and pastrami cheeseburgers since birth. She writes romance and lives in Salt Lake City with her husband, daughter, two Italian Greyhounds, and a flock of black-capped chickadees and lesser goldfinches in her backyard.

What Students are Saying:

"I enjoyed our teacher, Sky. She had great prompts to get you thinking. We had a chance to explore a lot about ourselves as well as the others in the class. The final class was my favorite. I had lots of breakthrough thoughts as she had us explore ourselves creatively in various ways through writing."-Susan N.

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SKY SIMONS has previously taught:

  • Love at First Write: Writing Romance
  • Journaling- Nurturing a Daily Writing Practice