Instructor: ERIC HEATH


With over 20 years experience in the restaurant industry, Eric Ed Heath has owned five restaurants, his first of which he started from scratch. Ed Heath has a culinary degree from the worlds best culinary school, The Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena, CA. He is also the 2015 and 2016 nominee for best chef in the Great Lakes region from the James Beard foundation. Currently Ed teaches private classes, classes here at the U, works with a catering company called Blended Table, and does his own private caterings for groups of 30 and under with his company Ed Heath Personal Chef Catering.

"[Eric] was very well prepared and gave us plenty of information ahead of time to prepare our own supplies & equipment. Class proceeded at a good pace, with opportunities for questions along the way (although with more students that may have been difficult.) I liked having a cooking class I could do in my own kitchen with my own equipment!"-Emily P.

ERIC HEATH is currently teaching:

Class Title Semester Date(s) Program
Beginning Cooking: Winter Potato Gnocchi Spring 2/07/23 Lifelong Learning
The Decadent World of Seafood Stews: Bouillabaisse Marseilles and Friends Spring 3/21/23 Lifelong Learning

ERIC HEATH has previously taught:

  • Beginning Cooking: Knife Skills with Winter Beef Stew
  • Beginning Cooking: The Sensational World of Sauces
  • Beginning Cooking: Beautiful Brunch Recipes