Caro Nilsson is a multi-media artist and muralist based in Salt Lake City. Most recently, her work has been an experiment in tactile impressionistic painting. The practice of making art is a way of interpreting experiences – the way it felt to move through a space with feet and hands, to feel sunlight, smell pine needles. In many ways, the act of creating becomes an extension of the experience, or participation with it. It is meditative, introspective (slow, fast, sudden, eventual). By creating paintings with more media than just “paint” – be that different minerals, organic matter, or cotton thread – the dialogue with experience opens up to one that becomes freer and more tactile, more honest.

Caro holds a B.S. in Architecture and a B.A. in Fine Art from the University of Virginia. She has spent her adult years exploring America’s wild places, and translating those feelings and findings into paintings. She completed her first solo Artist Residency at the Dacha in Mystic, CT in the Spring of 2021, and currently lives and paints full time from Salt Lake City.

"Caro is an inspiring teacher. She had an excellent, interesting, relevant brief didactic portion for each session. She did great demonstrations of the art and allowed students to express themselves individually. She has great energy and is a positive force for art and teaching."-Constance G.

"Caro is an amazing instructor! She is encouraging, and shares her passion so willingly that it creates a safe atmosphere to explore and makes art accessible even to true beginners. I would highly recommend this class to bring some joy into your life!"-Leanne P.

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  • Intuitive Painting: Exploration and Experimentation