Andrea has played in and guided games for the past 8 years, playing with multiple groups nationwide and writing her own stories for her friends and others to follow. Currently, she writes and edits tabletop content, as well as plays multiple games- both in person and online formats. While earning her Bachelors of Science in Anthropology, she also conducted research with ethnographic records from Yale, for publication with Dr. Shane Macfarlan concerning warrior rewards as well as reputation studies. In her other education, she's traveled internationally and participated in classes from marine biology to forensic anthropology, as well as time in the United States Army.

What Students are Saying:

"The instructor was very enthusiastic. It was challenging and a ton of fun. We got to make some new friends and learn as they learned. The handouts, cheat sheets, and visuals were very effective. I knew zilch about the game; they made you feel welcome and like one
of them."
- Christine B.

"Andrea was an excellent teacher. Before taking the course, I had tried playing before but could never really get into it. Andrea brought years of experience of how to make D&D fun and engaging."
Brian F.

"It was a very fun class with a very comfortable atmosphere. The Instructor is very approachable and easy to connect with in relation to the class and the learning of how to play Dungeons and Dragons."
Lacee S.

ANDREA UEHLING is currently teaching:

Class Title Semester Date(s) Program
Dungeons & Dragons: An Introduction Fall 9/16/24 - 10/03/24 Lifelong Learning
Dungeons & Dragons: Legends and Lore Fall 11/11/24 Lifelong Learning