Instructor: DIANE ALLEN


Diane is from Salt Lake City, Utah. She began painting silk to make scarves for her head while going through cancer treatment in 2012. Watching the flow of the colors and creating something beautiful was therapeutic for her and got her through some tough times. Since then she studied, practiced and started volunteer teaching at Huntsman Cancer Institute where she is now employed as a part time art instructor.
Diane loves the way the dyes flow on the luxurious silk and how vibrant the colors are. Silk Painting is her passion and she loves sharing it with everyone, when she isn’t creating art, she loves to travel and spend time with family.

DIANE ALLEN is currently teaching:

Class Title Semester Date(s) Program
Silk Painting: An Introduction Fall 11/14/23 - 11/28/23 Lifelong Learning

DIANE ALLEN has previously taught:

  • The Art of Silk: Painted and Botanical Print Scarves