Instructor: JACOB SMITH


Jake is a seasoned cyclist and bicycle maintenance expert with over three decades of experience in the world of cycling. While getting his mechanical engineering degree from the University of Utah, he worked at a local bike shop where he gained extensive knowledge and skills in bike assembly, sales, repairs, and warranties. This experience, combined with his degree, gives him a solid understanding of the mechanics and intricacies of bicycles.
Since graduating, Jake has worked in the outdoor industry as a product development engineer and engineering manager, where he has continued to develop his expertise in the field. He currently works for a leading bicycle component manufacturer, where he has been able to combine his passion for cycling with his professional work.
Beyond Jake's professional experience, he is also an avid bike enthusiast who loves to work on bikes almost as much as he enjoys riding them. He believes that maintaining a bike is an essential aspect of cycling that every rider should be familiar with. With his extensive experience and passion for cycling, he is excited to share his knowledge and help you develop the skills needed to maintain your bike and ride with confidence.

What Students are Saying:

"This was a great course, I will recommend it to my friends. Jake is a terrific instructor. He is friendly and personable. He knows the subject matter well, and was meticulous about staying on the syllabus and on time, while offering to stay after for any and all questions. I learned enough and gained enough confidence to avoid spending so much money on bike service."
-Brian B.

"I learned so much about bikes with this class. Great teacher! He knows how to present and explain complex bike issues. I have the confidence to practice and experiment with my repairs "
-Theresa H.

"Jake was a great teacher! He covered a lot of material and made an effort to stay on track to cover everything on the agenda, but he also welcomed questions and answered questions thoroughly.
When he wasn't sure about a question I had, he followed up with an answer during the next session.
I loved the small class size and casual environment."
-Sarah M.

JACOB SMITH is currently teaching:

Class Title Semester Date(s) Program
Beginning Bicycle Maintenance I Summer 6/03/24 - 6/10/24 Lifelong Learning