Matthew Ostrander is the owner and Chief Cider Curator at Ibantik Craft Beverages, Utah's premier hard cider focused supplier and importer of fine craft ciders from around the globe. As Utah's first and only Certified Pommelier (American Cider Association), he has been leading educational efforts to expand knowledge of this category of craft cider (apple based wine) with a passion for the history, culture and production techniques found around the world. Working closely with beverage directors, executive chefs and sommeliers, he has been dedicated to building a diverse catalog of fine ciders available to restaurants, bar establishments and consumers through the Utah DABS special order system.
As a former chemical engineer, Matthew previously earned a Foundation Certificate in Cider & Perry Production (Cider Institute of North America - CINA), and his Certified Cider Professional - Level 1 (American Cider Association). He has also served as a judge in the premier cider competition, GLINTCAP (Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition). He has won Pommelier of the Year and Distributor of the Year awards from the American Cider Association for the Rocky Mountain region. Matthew also earned his MBA from the University of Utah Eccles School of Business.

What Students are Saying:

"Great class in nice settings. Mr. Ostrander is very knowledgeable and his presentation was very good. Like the class so much that decided to sign up for the whole series."
-Andy C.

"So fun! This class was a great date night for my partner and I. It introduced me to flavors that I had never experienced before and the instructor, Matt Ostrander, was super knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and offered additional events and recommendations for continuing to explore ciders on my own. The other participants were very kind and open. It was like I found my people! And, I was introduced to a new venue in SLC, Scion, where I felt welcome and will definitely return to. The Lifelong team had really good and clear communications about what to expect and how to go to the venue as well. Super easy and enjoyable experience. I'll definitely take another class!"
-Christine B.

"I have been a part of each of the Ciders of the World classes and each has been more enjoyable than the last. Matthew Ostrander is knowledgable, informative, and most of all, fun. Scion Cider Bar is a welcoming space and the class is free of pretention. If you have any interest in the world of cider, there is no better opportunity."
-Duncan A.

MATTHEW OSTRANDER is currently teaching:

Class Title Semester Date(s) Program
Ciders of the World: US and Canadian Ciders Fall 11/12/24 Lifelong Learning
Ciders of the World: English Ciders Fall 8/27/24 Lifelong Learning
Ciders of the World: Spanish Sidra Fall 10/01/24 Lifelong Learning

MATTHEW OSTRANDER has previously taught:

  • Ciders of the World: French Cidre