Instructor: DAVID COTTLE



Dr. Cottle has Composition degrees from Utah State University, Brigham Young University, and the University of Illinois. He began work in guitar performance, with an emphasis in jazz, then moved to composition as an undergraduate, focusing on electro-acoustic music. As a graduate assistant he received several campus wide awards at the University of Illinois for innovation and excellence in teaching. He subsequently served on the Dean's awards committee. While at U of I Dr. Cottle moved to computer-assisted musics, joined the Computer Education Research Lab, which develops music related software. His work with this group included an article published in Beyond MIDI: The Handbook of Musical Codes. After graduating he served on the faculty at the University of Illinois, BYU, and Waterford, developing new curricula, teaching theory, electro-acoustic music, and computer assisted composition. His text for SuperCollider, a language based synthesis program, is published online and used world wide, by individuals and in university courses, most notably Iowa State University, CCRMA at Stanford, UCSB, Penn State, Eastman School of Music, and Princeton Department of Music. He is now Lecturer/Assistant Professor and director of the experimental music studios at the University of Utah, where he teaches music technology, audio engineering, theory, and computer assisted composition.

DAVID COTTLE is currently teaching:

Class Title Semester Date(s) Program
Computer Music Technology: Introduction to Spring 1/07/19 - 4/23/19 Academic Noncredit
Music Technology II Spring 1/07/19 - 4/23/19 Academic Noncredit

DAVID COTTLE has previously taught:

  • Music Tech for Music Educators
  • Music from the Inside Out: Patterns
  • Music Technology & Digital Audio Certification using Logic Pro