Mitch grew up in a family who used American Sign Language. His approach to teaching American Sign Language does not follow the traditional educational models of learning. He has been teaching American Sign Language since 1980, and brings a great deal of enthusiasm and life to his classes. Students really enjoy his sense of humor -- they never know what to expect in class! Mitch has been involved in the Deaf Community since his youth, having family members who were Deaf or involved in deafness. He currently works as Director of the Utah Interpreter Program, and is a freelance interpreter. He holds a Master's Degree in counseling. Taking one of his classes will be an experience you will always remember!

MITCHELL JENSEN is currently teaching:

Class Title Semester Date(s) Program
American Sign Language II: Beginning Spring 1/07/19 - 4/23/19 Academic Noncredit

MITCHELL JENSEN has previously taught:

  • Beginning American Sign Language II
  • Beginning American Sign Language I
  • Beginning American Sign Language I