Instructor: ERIC EREKSON


Eric Erekson's long road to making art started with his life and education in Salt Lake City, Utah. His skills as a painter were fine-tuned in the BFA and MFA programs at the University of Utah. He has shown in a number of galleries throughout the state, received honorable mentions, has been included in group and solo exhibitions, and has been published twice in International Artist magazines. His work has been exhibited locally at Coda Gallery, Evergreen Art and Frame, Magpies Nest, Pickett Fairbanks, Springville Art Museum, Pioneer Theater, Salt Lake Photo Collective, Gittins Gallery, Art Access Gallery, and Mountain Trails Gallery. Eric's interest is in how identity is formed, which he now explores in a body of work that bridges the gaps between technology and painting. He has a relentless work ethic, leading to a prolific portfolio. He paints consistently while also teaching at the University of Utah, participating in family life, and volunteering for projects such as the Beautify Salt Lake Mural project (intersection show) and leading Sketch Night at the Leonardo Art and Science Center.

What Students are Saying:

"I loved this class, it was exactly what I needed to start my art journey. Eric was very kind and always super helpful. I'm really proud of what I was able to create with his guidance and I'm excited to continue drawing!"-Rebecca L.

"[Eric] was engaging and took time to make sure everyone was understanding each technique. He made the class fun and relaxing."-Amber S.

"It was wonderful to start with the basics and work through to executing something special. Eric was very knowledgeable, and encouraging. He instructed in a relaxed, easy to understand way, at a pace I could (mostly) follow. He kindly helped each student individually break through learning road-blocks. I would encourage anyone interested in exploring art to sign up!" - Michelle B

"Professor Eric Erekson's Beginning Drawing Skills and Techniques class far exceeded my expectations. The evening class (6 evenings) covered a lot of drawing methods: from blind contour, semi blind contour, negative drawing, perspective, value, to still life, portraits, etc. Each class covered a lot of materials; Professor Erekson was very patient and professional. For example, in one still life class, he taught use how to draw FIVE objects together. He first demonstrated the composition, how to measure the proportions, then had the students draw the first steps, then he demonstrated the next steps, and meanwhile pointing out where the darkest and lightest value should be. During the class, he took time with each student to explain and show the specific steps. I felt a sense of 'accomplishment' after drawing Five objects for the first time on a 19 x 25 inch drawing paper provided by the class." - Sue Y

ERIC EREKSON is currently teaching:

Class Title Semester Date(s) Program
Drawing: Basic Non Major Summer, Fall Multiple Academic Noncredit
Beginning Drawing Skills and Techniques Summer 5/23/24 - 6/27/24 Lifelong Learning
Portrait Drawing Spring 3/21/24 - 4/25/24 Lifelong Learning

ERIC EREKSON has previously taught:

  • Figure Drawing