Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Event Proposal Form

Osher members are a well connected, enthusiastic, and inquisitive group of mature adults who are very interested in what is happening in the community. The special event program is an opportunity to showcase your organization and build awareness in the community by interacting with Osher members "on site."

The events are also wonderful opportunities for Osher members to stay informed and to connect with others, both very important elements for successful aging. Events are scheduled at the convenience of the host organization before and after the term.

The following are possible event dates for:

Fall term: Mid-Aug to mid-Sept and mid-Nov to mid-Dec. Scheduling process begins: Preceding May

Winter term: Second and third weeks of January and beginning of to mid-March. Scheduling process begins: Preceding August

Spring term: Mid to end of March and mid-May to mid-June. Scheduling process begins: Preceding October

Summer term: Summer dates can be scheduled in special circumstances.

Thank you for taking this opportunity to share your organization with the Osher community. Our coordinators actively pursue events for this program. We also welcome unsolicited proposals. Please indicate the status of your proposal:

We want to make sure this is an enjoyable experience for you, that the event is well attended, and that the logistics go smoothly. To help us meet these goals, please fully complete the following form and submit by the deadline indicated above.

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