Instructor: MARLA DEE


Marla is an international speaker and has trained students from nine countries. With contagious enthusiasm and stories from real clients, Marla shares her belief that living organized is a skill anyone can learn. Why bother learning this skill? Because getting organized frees you to be present for what matters most. Marla's Clear & Simple Systems are a step-by-step approach that take the struggle out organizing and make it easier. Marla has appeared on numerous TV, radio, and podcast programs throughout the years. She is the author of Get Organized, the Clear & Simple Way; The ART of Letting Go; and many other publications. If you are ready for a change, Marla will set you free of the clutter and chaos at last!

MARLA DEE is currently teaching:

Class Title Semester Date(s) Program
Live Free of Clutter and Get Organized at Last! Spring Online, Starting: 1/17/23 Osher Lifelong Learning

MARLA DEE has previously taught:

  • Paper Pain to Power - Clutter Clear & Organize Your Paper!
  • Time to Downsize & Simplify
  • Live Free of Clutter and Get Organized Part 1: Your Space and Life