Instructor: COLLEEN WOOD



Colleen Wood taught in the Granite School District for over 40 years, including 29 years of Advanced Placement art history. She also taught French, world history, anthropology, and financial literacy. For 25 years, Colleen led students on tours in Europe and has recently led student tours in San Francisco to study art. She is convinced of the importance of art within societies and appreciates how art reflects social values, culture, religious beliefs, and political and economic conditions of the times.

COLLEEN WOOD is currently teaching:

Class Title Semester Date(s) Program
Breaking the Rules: Building Toward War and After in Early Twentieth-Century Art Fall Online, Starting: 9/23/21 Osher Lifelong Learning

COLLEEN WOOD has previously taught:

  • Great Artists Who Captured an Age and Challenged Tradition II
  • Great Artists Who Capture an Age
  • The Art of Our Lifetime! Abstraction, Minimalism, POP, Feminist Art, Earth Art and More
  • So What's New?! A Survey Of New Movements In Western Art (1840-1900)