Rebecca Lea McCarthy was born in AZ but recently moved to Utah from Hawai’i. She holds a Ph.D. from Florida Atlantic University’s interdisciplinary Public Intellectual Program. Her areas of study included rhetoric, philosophy, and sociology. McCarthy’s Master of Liberal Studies is from Rollins College, and she holds a BFA in Acting from Cornish College of the Arts. Her first book, Origins of the Magdalene Laundries: An Analytical History, was published by McFarland, 2010. Her writings and research cover the topics of women's issues, ethics, theatre, cosmopolitanism, and digital recall/memory.

McCarthy’s heroes are Leonardo De Vinci and Harpo Marx, and she works to incorporate their successes and sensibilities into her own life. To that end, McCarthy is also a professional actress on stage, film, and video. She edits and records audio books, conducts film editing, and is currently studying to become a musician, and Ayurveda instructor. In her off-hours, McCarthy likes to roller skate long distances, play the ukulele, and spend time with her husband exploring the lovely Utah landscape. Mahalo and Namaste.

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  • Introduction to Improvisation
  • Let's Talk: Breaking Down Communication Barriers
  • The Magdalene Laundries and Beyond