Test Preparation

What You Need to Know

Know What To Expect. You could go it alone, but why take the chance? Any exam is difficult if you don't know what to expect. Getting an overview of the test's format, refreshing your memory on what you've already learned, and taking a practice test will all go a long way toward getting you ready for the real thing.

Handling Anxiety. Many people become anxious when they are being tested, which can have a negative impact on their score. Recognizing the signs of anxiety and knowing specific techniques to deal with it can help you do better.

Affordable & Accessible. Exams are expensive. So why would you invest your hard-earned money and then not make every effort to be ready on exam day? If you don't get the score you were hoping for, you'll have to pay again to take the admissions exam. Once you've paid for a preparatory class with us, you can come back any time within the next 3 years and retake the class free of charge (extra material costs not included), depending upon available space. And our classes are located right on the U of U campus for your convenience.

For more information on the most effective way you can prepare yourself for graduate and professional school admittance exams, or to enroll, call 801-585-7880. You can also submit your questions by using our web form. Visit the official exam websites for in-depth information:

LSAT - www.lsac.org
GMAT - www.mba.com
GRE - www.gre.org

You can register via our website, by calling the Preparatory Programs office at 801-585-7880 or Continuing Education Registration at 801-581-6461, or through the campus information system if you are a regular student at the University.

Note: Registration for any exam (e.g. GRE, GMAT, LSAT.) is not connected with Preparatory Course registration.

Beginning Fall 2021, ACT scores will not be required when applying to the U. However, a good score will still improve your chances of admission, especially if your GPA is low. Questions? Read the full press release here or send an email to prep@utah.edu.

Preparatory Courses are non-credit offerings and anyone (all students and community adults) are welcome to register.

Yes. Any class taken at the University, be it credit or non-credit, will show up on your transcript. However, you will not receive a letter grade for this class.
No. To register for an entrance exam, get a registration bulletin at the University of Utah Testing Center or go online:
GRE: www.gre.org
GMAT: www.gmat.org
LSAT: www.lsac.org

Students may receive a full refund if the class is dropped prior to the starting date of the course. Any class dropped between the start date and the end of business on the first Friday following the beginning of class will receive a tuition-only refund. Material fees are non-refundable. (Please Note: This refund policy does not apply to the ACT or SAT Prep courses offered by Youth Education. For more information on the Youth Ed Drop Policy please call 801-581-6984.)

These refund deadlines/guidelines are strictly adhered to and can be found on the Continuing Education Drop and Refund Policy page and in student packets passed out during the first class session. The online drop request form can be found here. Students may also drop a class by calling the Preparatory Programs office at 801-585-7880.

If you are a benefits eligible University of Utah employee with more than six months of employment, you may use your tuition reduction for Test Prep classes. If you are a benefits eligible employee with more than one year of employment, your spouse may use your tuition reduction benefit for Test prep classes. Contact the Benefits Office at 801-581-7447 with questions about your eligibility.

You must submit the Reduced Tuition Benefit form to receive the discount. If you do not qualify, you will be responsible for the course fees.
Reduced Tuition Benefit form information

You may be added to our email list or regular mailing list. Please call 801-585-7880 to request to be added to either or both lists. If you just want to receive our e-mails, you can sign up online here.
Many students reported to have received instructions about the program via email in either their spam, junk box or inbox folders of the email address associated with their enrollment. Please take the time to verify that this information was received.
There are various Test Prep courses that incorporate a personal Magoosh license. Students are responsible for the activation of their personal Magoosh license and will have to contact Magoosh directly if they are looking to pause their license for an extended amount of time. For more information about Magoosh licenses, please follow the link and complete the steps required: https://magoosh.com/contact/.
Students who fail to have adequate access to the Canvas course will need to make sure that their CIS student account has been activated (please review the bullet point below for more information about CIS student accounts). If you the student continues to experience troubleshooting issues, please contact our program at prep@utah.edu to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible.
Students enrolled in a University of Utah Test Prep Course will need to activate their student CIS account by clicking on the link provided: http://cis.utah.edu/
- Additionally, students will be asked to enter their UNID number and password. Each student’s UNID number is unique and available upon enrollment. Each student’s password will consist of a numerical version of their date of birth (2 digits for the month, 2 digits for the day and the last 2 digits of their year of birth).
The Test Prep Program will utilize the Zoom application to provide the virtual live component of the course. Students enrolled in a Test Prep course will receive a Zoom meeting link that is associated with their enrollment via email before the first day and on the first day of class.
All Test Prep Courses will utilize the Zoom application to facilitate the live sessions of the course. Additionally, all live sessions will be recorded and made available for students to access at their own leisure via Canvas.
It is important to note that the Test Program operates at a minimum threshold of student enrollments, in order to run the course as intended. This means that if the class fails to record a minimum number of enrollments, the program will have no choice but to cancel or postpone the course to a later date. Students enrolled will be informed about the cancellation of the class and will be given the ability to request a full refund or to switch their enrollment to the next available Test prep course of their choice.

We are invested in your success and supporting your goal to achieve your best possible test score. If you do not score higher than your baseline score you may retake the course for free.

The Details
If you complete the program, take the official/proctored practice exam, and your score doesn't improve you may retake the course over again,

  • To be eligible you must take the exam within 90 days of completion of the course.
  • You must notify and provide us with your official test scores within 30 days of receiving them.
  • You must register for the course no later than the semester following when you have received your test scores.