Jill E. Carter is a native of Utah residing in Salt Lake City. Currently, Jill is the Director of Human Resources for Questar Corporation, a natural gas-focused energy company. She manages employee development, equal employment opportunity, as well as recruitment and selection. Before Questar Corporation, Jill was the Director of Administrative Services managing: Archives and Records, Contracts and Procurement, Human Resources, Facilities, Fleet, Information Services, Printing, and Volunteer Services. Prior to her employment with Salt Lake County, Jill served as the CEO and Principal Consultant of Carter Consulting for 25+ years. Her primary customers were government, regulated industry, community banks, nonprofits and cooperatives. Jill's areas of expertise include organizational dynamics, employee development, employee engagement and compensation/incentives. She has a master's degree in public administration and a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Utah. In addition, Jill has worked for the State of Utah, National Semiconductor, and the University of Utah. Jill enjoys working with university students and teaching graduate coursework at the University of Utah as an Assistant Adjunct Professor.

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  • Human Resources Managment Certificate
  • Total Rewards
  • Human Resources Management Certificate Program