Sandy Center Room Rental Rates

Sandy site building

You can rent a room for your next meeting!

Room #   Capacity Hourly Rate Daily Rate Weekly Rate
104 Tables and Chairs 32 $25.00 $170.00 $700.00
105 Tables and Chairs 30 $25.00 $170.00 $700.00
106 Tables and Chairs 50 $35.00 $240.00 $925.00
107 Tablet Desks 35 $25.00 $170.00 $700.00
108 Tablet Desks 39 $25.00 $170.00 $700.00
109 Art Room, tables and chairs, 2 sinks 32 $25.00 $170.00 $700.00
110 Tablet Desks 48 $35.00 $240.00 $925.00
201 Tables and Chairs 58 $35.00 $240.00 $925.00
202 Tables and Chairs 40 $35.00 $240.00 $925.00
204 Tables and Chairs 32 $25.00 $170.00 $700.00
205 Tables and Chairs 26 $25.00 $170.00 $700.00
206 Tablet DesksĀ  28 $25.00 $170.00 $700.00
207 Tablet DesksĀ  24 $25.00 $170.00 $700.00

Audiovisual equipment available for use

Data Projector
Slide Projector
Blu-Ray Player

Room set-up / clean-up

Chairs, tables, and any other form of furniture must not be moved into or outside of the rental area unless stated on the Rental Contract.
A $200 per area cleaning deposit is due at the time of the rental payment. A walk-through of the room(s) rented will occur before the contract begins and at the conclusion of the contract period. If the rented room(s) are left in satisfactory condition the deposit will be returned. If the room(s) are not returned to original condition (trash removed, chalkboards and whiteboards erased, tables and chairs cleaned and returned to original positions, and carpets clean) the deposit will be used to pay for cleaning and/or damages.
A vacuum is available for your use.
Catering services are not available through the University of Utah.

Contract Information

Room rental is only available during regular building hours.
Room rental rates are not pro-rated. Rates are calculated by full hour/day/week increments only. Setup and cleanup time are included in the rental time period.
Room and equipment reservations are tentative until

  • the Confirmation of Campus Facility Reservation and Contract Agreement forms are filled out, signed, and received;
  • the Certificate of Commercial General Liability Insurance is received;
  • and the rental and cleaning deposit payments are received.

For further information, contact us by phone: 801-587-2520 or Email Us.