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Class Title Semester Date(s) Location Program
Spark Your Creativity; A Writer's Day Out Summer 6/23/18 SLC UT Lifelong Learning
Spatial Data Design for GIS Fall 8/20/18 - 12/06/18 Multiple Academic Noncredit
Special Topics Fall 8/20/18 - 12/06/18 Academic Noncredit
*Spiritual Gandhi: How He Changed Himself and the World Spring 3/27/18 - 5/01/18 FT D 620 RM TBA Osher Lifelong Learning
St. George GRE Prep Course Summer 6/11/18 - 6/15/18 ST. GEORGE SITE Test Preparation
Standing Up Paddleboarding Summer, Fall Multiple Multiple Academic Noncredit
Star Gazers: Physics of Astronomy (Age 11-13) Summer 7/30/18 - 8/03/18 CAMPUS Youth Education
Stargazing Summer 7/20/18 CAMPUS 1210 Lifelong Learning
State Local Government Summer, Fall Multiple Multiple Academic Noncredit
Statistical Inference: Introduction to Summer, Fall Multiple Multiple Academic Noncredit
Statistical Methods for Epidemiological Research Fall 8/20/18 - 12/06/18 TBA Academic Noncredit
Stock Sleuths: From Index Funds To Bitcoin (Age 14-17) Summer 8/06/18 - 8/10/18 HIGHER GR Youth Education
Storyboard Art for Film (Age 12-17) Summer 7/16/18 - 7/20/18 CAMPUS Youth Education
Strategies for College Success Fall 8/20/18 - 12/06/18 SAEC 2147 Academic Noncredit
Stress Management Summer 5/14/18 - 8/01/18 HPR W 117 Academic Noncredit