Instructor: LAURIE OBERG


During the school year, Laurie teaches college-prep language arts, chess, and senior seminar at a local charter high school. While teaching is her first love, she also enjoys reading, writing, knitting, music, and spending vacations at the Oregon coast. Laurie earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and history from Westminster College, and a Master of Education degree in teaching and learning from the University of Utah. She is a past board member of the Autism Society of Utah and a volunteer, along with her son, with the Autism Research Institute.

LAURIE OBERG is currently teaching:

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LAURIE OBERG has previously taught:

  • YAE: Seize the Story - Intensive Writing for Teen Writers (Age 13-15)
  • Beginning Knitting (Age 12-18)
  • English Lit and Comp (Grade 9-12)
  • ACT Preparatory Course (Grade 10 & Up)