Instructor: CORY JENSEN


Cory Jensen recently received his Masters Degree in Science Education with an emphasis on Physics. He has grown up being immersed in the physical sciences and has always found ways to make science interesting and fun. His original passion was for the theoretical sciences, but he has recently been studying ways of finding diversified and renewable energy sources and thinks that the world is close to solving this puzzle. He is also an avid percussionist and is a graduate of the music education program at Weber State University. He resides with his wife and 4 daughters in Syracuse, Utah.

CORY JENSEN is currently teaching:

Class Title Semester Date(s) Program
The Power of Physics (Age 9-11) Summer 6/10/19 - 6/14/19 Youth Education
Behind the Curtains: The Science of Magic (Age 9-11) Summer 6/10/19 - 6/14/19 Youth Education
YAE: Blast off with Solar Energy! (Age 9-11) Summer 6/24/19 - 6/28/19 Youth Education

CORY JENSEN has previously taught:

  • YAE: Invention Dimension (Age 9-11)
  • Tech Town: A Technology Workshop (Age 12-15)
  • YAE: Harness the Sun! (Age 13-15)