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The Go Learn Dinner Club connects you with our trip leaders, past, present, and future for a fascinating presentation and lively discussion about the work they do around the world! Register now to secure your space!

Each month we will feature a different place and trip leader where they will share stories and places that make a Go Learn trip unique. Our tour leaders will immerse you in the experiences of places we'll soon visit, and the cuisine will give you a literal taste of the culture.

Upcoming Dinner Club Gatherings

Monday, January 13, 2022 | 6 PM - Cafe Molise

Time and JaneJoin Professor and Head of Theatre Studies Tim Slover and Professor Jane England for a feast and all things London Theatre.

Tim and Jane bring their expertise and enthusiasm to Go Learn from also directing the University of Utah's Beacons of Excellence Award-winning Theatre, Fine Arts and Humanities in London Learning Abroad student program—for fifteen years and still going strong.

Tim is a Professor in the Department of Theatre, where he teaches Playwriting, Dramatic Literature, Shakespeare, and Contemporary Drama. Tim is also a produced screenwriter, a published novelist, and an award-winning playwright with plays produced off-Broadway and in the US, Britain, and Canada.

Jane teaches Introduction to Theatre and Dramatic Literature in the Department of Theatre and administers London Learning Abroad programs for both the Theatre and English Departments. She attended the London School of Economics for post-graduate studies and, in addition to her many London and UK tours, has led travel programs in Bali and Japan.

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