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Go Learn is an educational travel program for the inquisitive learner. With the world as our classroom, we offer boutique travel experiences steeped in discovery. Participants explore topics, lands and issues with intimate travel groups led by University of Utah experts.

Go Learn journeys are created with University of Utah educational leaders passionate about sharing their expertise in the field. As a traveler, you experience the world as a classroom with the guidance of a renowned educator before, during and after your journey. With all Go Learn journeys, the fun begins at home. Custom-made pre-departure courses led by your tour director will help you become a prepared and knowledgeable traveler so you can fully enjoy your destination. Find yourself among a group of educated travelers, a passionate tour director and discover the world like you never have before.

Go Learn Staff

Christoph Dressler, Director

Growing up in East Germany, behind the Iron Curtain, Christoph was one of the first 100 exchange students to leave East Germany and has never stopped exploring since. Having worked as a guide for Rick Steves, Christoph is armed with the expertise of purposeful group travel and seeks travel adventures off the beaten path. Determined to offer participants an alternative to mass tourism and dedicated to the University of Utah, he directs the GO LEARN program within the U's Continuing Education.

Amanda Bowen
				Amanda Bowen, Program Manager

Amanda’s love of travel began as a child reading a set of Time/Life travel books from her parent’s library. She can say “Hello, how are you?” (but that’s about it) in 5 languages and has traveled to 10 countries thus far. She holds a BA from the U in Dramaturgy and a masters in Arts Administration from Southern Utah University. Amanda is thrilled to be part of a program that provides travelers the opportunity to experience the world in such an exceptional way.

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Traveler's Testimonial

It was everything I'd hoped for - the incredible local color, my fellow travelers and of course Christoph and Giuliana who were friends as much as guides. It really was a one-of-a-kind experience. Merlin H., Italy 2012 Participant

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.

—Martin Buber