Frequently Asked Questions
Go Learn

Our itineraries are designed to include full, active days with plenty of opportunities to learn about and encounter different cultures and environments, share in local traditions, and experience a place from an insider's perspective. Our tour leaders are experts in their fields and current professors at the University of Utah eager to share their knowledge and passion for travel with you. On the tours, we hire the talents of experienced and trained local guides to make sure that we get the best information possible.

Our tours are about the experience. We help you avoid the stress of travel and hundreds of hours looking through conflicting information on travel sites because we do the work for you with experts on our team.

The tour cost includes meals, accommodations, and excursions as indicated in the itinerary; services of the Tour Leader and local guides; ground transportation; gratuities; and pre-departure materials and classes. Included meals are noted at the end of each day on our itineraries with a B for breakfast, L for lunch, and D for dinner. We do not include airfare to ensure that you have flexible travel days in case you want to arrive early or stay longer with new friends you've made.

The pre-departure meetings will cover trip logistics, allow for introductions to the group and tour leader, and prepare you with information about the locations we will visit.

Unlike some travel providers, Go Learn offers an educational, fun-packed itinerary with all "bells and whistles" at the final price advertised. Go Learn offers lots of value added experiences, but will never charge you a dime beyond the tour price agreed upon. We strive to accomplish total customer satisfaction and absolute transparency.

Go Learn provides travel medical insurance for all international destinations through CISI. This excellent insurance package covers Medical, Emergency, and Evacuation expenses up to $100,000. Go Learn does not provide trip cancellation or lost baggage insurance. Trip cancellation insurance is optional at an additional cost and we strongly recommend that you purchase this insurance to protect your travel investment. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for specific trip cancellation information.

You do not have to be an alumni or current student at the University of Utah. Although our tours have an educational twist, they are not designed as credit fulfilling courses for university students.

Go Learn trips cater to a wide age range. Diversity in our groups allows for more interesting tours. If you have a passion for travel and learning, you are a great fit for our adventures! All travelers must be 18 or older and able to meet the physical ability requirements of their specific trip.

Our trips are designed for adult learners and our staff can advise you on a case-by-case basis to see if the tour you're interested in will be appropriate for your family. All travelers must be 18 or older. Topics, sites, and exposure to local culture are core to a particular program and will not be changed. Go Learn journeys are intellectually stimulating as well as sometimes physically challenging. All travelers need to be able to meet the physical ability requirements of their specific trip.

Many of our tours include a lot of walking and standing. Some of our tours will have more physical requirements than others. You will be fully informed of the requirements prior to the tour so you and a health care professional can decide if you are able to join us.

Let us know what you need. We are happy to help and include you in our journeys if you are able to join. Please make prior arrangements for any special items or medications you will need on the journey.

While we will use busses to get to places, our tours are not bus tours. Some transportation may be necessary; however, Go Learn's philosophy is to offer in-depth experiences in places that are hard to reach for average travelers and to fully "unpack". We avoid hopping from place to place, which results in gaining mileage but losing out on knowledge and experience.

By not including airfare in our tour cost, it allows you more freedom in your travel planning. Perhaps you would like to stay a few days longer, or arrive early at our destination. Maybe you have frequent flier miles that you'd like to use. Also, not all of our travelers live in the Salt Lake area - we have had participants from all over the country who are happy to meet us that first evening!

Traveler's Testimonial

The idea of the trip was brilliant. So many people have expressed envy that I was able to do the Camino with a native Galician who is a superb teacher and connoisseur of the fascinating history, art, architecture, food, and wine of Spain. I was weeping when we reached the great cathedral square and when we attended the pilgrim's mass, complete with swinging killer censer. Janine S., Spain 2013 participant

A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.

—Tim Cahill