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Come Learn With Us - Online!

Join Go Learn for a series of informal, yet informative conversations with trip leaders past and present. Our series begins Tuesday, May 19, and each week will feature a presentation by a trip leader on a topic from their area of expertise, culminating in a Q&A session immediately after.

During this mostly-online climate we currently find ourselves in, we invite you to travel vicariously with us through the stories and places that make a Go Learn trip unique. From the hallowed battlegrounds of D-Day, to the ruins of Teotihuacan, Mexico, our tour leaders will immerse you in the experiences of places we'll soon visit!

Upcoming Speaker Series Webinars

  • Stephen Trimble The Capital Reef Reader- T, May 19
    Stephen Trimble shares his collection of 50 writers chronicling Utah's Capitol Reef National Park.
  • Tim Slover & Jane England London Scrapbook- Th, May 21 - Register Here
    Jane England and Tim Slover, directors of London Go Learn Programs, talk about their favorite place.
  • Beth Whittset - Th, May 28 - Register Here
    Join us as we discuss the US Constitution, crafted in a polarized union and held together for over 230 years. Is there a way to make it work in our 21st century ecosystem where even reality is a subject for political division?
  • Sam & Robin Dunn - Th, June 4 - Register Here
  • Tim Chambless - Th, June 11 - Register Here
  • Stephen Hall - Th, June 18 - Register Here
  • Rick Paine -Th, June 25 - Register Here

Replay our Webinars!

Stephen Trimble - The Capital Reef Reader

Tim Slover and Jane England - A London Scrapbook

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.

—Martin Buber