Instructor: JASON COX


Jason holds a BA in Italian. He lived in Italy for two years and has been teaching Italian since 2000.

"Jason took all of the intimidation out of learning a new language. He also has a lovely sense of humor which kept things going." - P.E., SLC

"Jason has a true love of Italy and the language. He made the class so very enjoyable. He knows his stuff. Two thumbs up!" - Satisfied Student

"Jason Cox is a proper instructor who combines proper Italian with skills to greet Italians with useful phrases in their beautiful language. He is amusing and creates a wonderful camaraderie of aspiring Italian communicators in his classroom."

JASON COX is currently teaching:

Class Title Semester Date(s) Program
Conversational Italian II Spring 3/16/23 - 4/20/23 Lifelong Learning

JASON COX has previously taught:

  • Conversational Italian I