James Santangelo is the owner of the Wine Academy of Utah, a company tailored for both wine enthusiasts and professionals. His organization provides education and training to restaurants, hosts wine events, and offers on-site sommelier services for wine and spirits. The Wine Academy of Utah is an approved program provider for the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET), an educational track which leads the path in pursuit towards becoming a Master in Wine and Spirits. James has received much recognition for his work, including Salt Lake Magazine Dining Awards "Best Wine Educator"� (2011) and Utah's "Best Server"� (2010).

"The instructor is wonderfully knowledgeable and fun to learn from. His knowledge of the history, both that written in books and the whimsically anecdotal is extensive. To top it all off I've learned what to think about as I'm drinking a whiskey and how to truly appreciate it."-Sandra K.

"Fantastic class. Just as enjoyable for whiskey enthusiasts as it is for absolute beginners. The instructor obviously has a wealth of knowledge on the topic, but also has a passion for the material that made the class so enjoyable."-Raymond A.

JAMES SANTANGELO is currently teaching:

Class Title Semester Date(s) Program
Whiskies of the World Spring 4/05/23 Lifelong Learning
Wine and Gourmet Popcorn Pairing Spring 2/08/23 Lifelong Learning
Tequilas and Mezcal Spring 3/08/23 Lifelong Learning

JAMES SANTANGELO has previously taught:

  • American Single Malt Whisky Tasting
  • The Manhattan Cocktail: A Taste of History
  • Tasting Wine Like a Pro
  • Gins from Around the World
  • American Gin