Instructor: AMY SCHMIDT


I have worked in the fashion industry for 20 years and while I love the process of draping a soft fabric to fit the curves of the human body I am even more intrigued by coaxing hard metal into nearly any shape. A few simple bends in a piece of metal can transform it into what looks like a cloth ribbon. I started designing and making jewelry about 15 years ago with a simple beaded necklace. When I took a Silver Fabrication class in a local New Jersey college I was hooked. My passion for metalsmithing gained momentum when I started taking classes in ancient techniques of jewelry making - hand fused and woven chainmaking, bezel setting stones and granulation.

I've had the great fortune of learning from some of the best teachers in the states. My appetite for learning and experimenting with different techniques in jewelry making has taken me to classes and workshops from New York to Seattle and places in between.

I love experimenting with texture and color in metal and obtain these unique finishes with tools as simple as sandpaper, a hammer or even a hardboiled egg! Another way I like to create texture is with textile weaving techniques, which bring me back to my roots of working with fabric.

What Students are Saying:

"Amy was an awesome teacher, took the time to see that everyone was taken care of and their specific projects. She helped us design our crazy projects and exceed at what we wanted to do!"-Carlee R.

"Amy is great! She is so talented and knows her craft very well. A joy to work with."-Susan B.

"Amy was incredible and let students do their own thing while being very helpful still and doing demos that benefit everyone. There was a perfect balance of structure and instruction and also freedom to create and work on what we want." - Olivia T

AMY SCHMIDT is currently teaching:

Class Title Semester Date(s) Program
Metalsmithing I Spring, Summer Multiple Lifelong Learning
Metalsmithing II Spring, Summer Multiple Lifelong Learning
Troubleshooting for Metalsmiths Spring 4/16/24 - 4/23/24 Lifelong Learning
Jewelry Make and Take: Sterling Silver Ring with Cabochon Spring 3/02/24 Lifelong Learning
Jewelry Make and Take: Cuff Bracelet with Cabochon Spring 4/20/24 Lifelong Learning
Jewelry Make and Take: Sterling Silver Earrings Spring, Summer Multiple Lifelong Learning
Jewelry Make and Take: Cowboy Toothpick Summer 6/01/24 Lifelong Learning
Jewelry Make and Take: Layered Sterling Silver Pendant Summer 6/08/24 Lifelong Learning