Instructor: RACHEL QUIST


Rachel Quist is a professional archaeologist living in Salt Lake City. She is a Salt Lake native and a graduate of the University of Utah. She has a passion for local history, especially the history that is not often discussed or memorialized on a plaque. An avid reader of historic newspapers she often comes across odd and surprising stories of the past which she shares on her Instagram and blog. Rachel received a Best of Utah 2021 award from Salt Lake City Weekly for her Instagram @rachels_slc_history.

What Students are Saying:

Her students think she is the best:

"Rachel was AWESOME as an instructor. She really went above and beyond in giving us handouts and extra time. She was great at taking questions too. This is a challenging setting for a class with weather, walking, etc. but she handled everything like a pro. Looking forward to more neighborhoods and more learning with her!"
- Jill M.

"So much rich history that we had never heard of! Especially interesting to learn of the hidden history of minority and ethnic communities. Knowledgeable and interesting leader with lots of good stories about SLC's past!"
- Sherilyn S.

"Even though I grew up in Salt Lake City, I learned there is so much about Salt Lake's history that I don't know. So interesting!"
- Deborah S.

RACHEL QUIST is currently teaching:

Class Title Semester Date(s) Program
Walking Tour of SLC's Unseen History Spring, Summer Multiple Lifelong Learning