Sex and Gender
Academic Noncredit

Humans and other primates will be covered in this course. This course introduces students to an anthropological perspective on the relationship between sex, the biological attributes by which a person is perceived to be male or female, and gender or the ideals and practices associating roles, behaviors and sexualities with men or women. In this course, the students will learn genetic mechanisms of sexual differentiation and how genetic, chromosomal and hormonal factors make males masculine, females feminine, and occasionally vice versa. We will also consider how differences in male and female reproductive biology and physical appearance relate to mate choice and sexual selection.

This noncredit class meets with a regular University of Utah credit course.

Online book and material fees may be added up until the first week of class. Students may opt out during the first two weeks of class. For more information, visit the Campus Store Inclusive Access Program's webpage. If you opt out, you will be responsible for obtaining the course materials yourself for the course.

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Class Sections For Sex and Gender (ANTH 383)

Fall 2024 Section 1, Starting on: 08/19/2024

Date(s) Day Time Location
08/19/24 - 12/05/24 MW 11:50 am -1:10 pm GC 2560
Tuition: $505.00      

Instructor: LESLIE KNAPP


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