Domestic Mediation Training
Academic Noncredit

Mediation is both a professional path and a life skill. This course provides advanced mediation training with information specific to mediating family and domestic cases. This course is open to anyone who has completed a court-qualified basic mediation program. In Utah, individuals wishing to mediate professionally may be listed on two different court rosters: The Utah Court Roster for Mediators (basic roster) and the Utah Court Roster for Divorce Mediators (divorce roster). To be listed on the divorce roster, mediators must first have qualified for the basic roster, after which they must complete an additional 32 hours of domestic mediation training and complete a mentorship. This course is court approved and fulfills the 32-hour educational requirement to be listed on the divorce roster.

This noncredit class meets with a regular University of Utah credit course.

Online book and material fees may be added up until the first week of class. Students may opt out during the first two weeks of class. For more information, visit the Campus Store Inclusive Access Program's webpage. If you opt out, you will be responsible for obtaining the course materials yourself for the course.

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Class Sections For Domestic Mediation Training (LAWC 652)

Summer 2023 Section 1, Starting on: 05/17/2023

YOU MUST HAVE COMPLETED A COURT-QUALIFIED BASIC MEDIATION TRAINING PRIOR TO STARTING THIS CLASS IF YOU ARE SEEKING TO BE PLACED ON THE UTAH DIVORCE MEDIATION ROSTER. THIS COURSE DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR U OF U EMPLOYEE TUITION REDUCTION OR EMERITUS DISCOUNT BENEFITS. THE LAST DATE TO DROP THIS CLASS FOR A FULL REFUND IS FRIDAY, MAY 12, 2023. This course provides at least 32 hours of advanced domestic mediation training for individuals seeking to mediate divorce and family cases. You MUST have completed a court qualified Basic Mediation Training prior to starting this class if you are seeking to be placed on the Utah divorce mediation roster. This class includes asynchronous content on Canvas and weekly synchronous Zoom meetings. The class meetings are held every Wednesday from 5:30 - 8:30 p.m. for 7 weeks starting May 17, 2023 and ending on June 28, 2023. You will have approximately 1-2 hours of asynchronous material to complete prior to class each week. You must attend EVERY Zoom session and complete all online materials in order to receive roster credit. There will also be a capstone project and meeting with the instructor to complete after June 28. This course has been qualified by the Utah Court and meets the educational requirement to be listed as a mediator on the Utah Court Roster of Divorce Mediators (divorce roster). Again, students who have not first taken a basic mediation training and also fulfilled the requirements of that roster will not qualify for the divorce roster. There are other requirements beyond taking this course that must be completed before being a rostered mediator, including a mentorship in mediating divorce cases. More information about these requirements and how to satisfy them is provided in class. Please contact Carolynn Clark at or 801-585-9662 for questions regarding future offerings of this class.

Date(s) Day Time Location
05/17/23 - 06/28/23 W 5:30 pm -8:30 pm CANVAS
Tuition: $1,200.00      

Instructor: KATHY ELTON

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