Social Welfare as an Institution
Academic Noncredit

This introductory course provides undergraduate students with a framework for understanding the social welfare system in the United States. The course identifies the following as major social problems facing contemporary American society: poverty, racism and discrimination, child abuse, domestic violence, chronic illness, mental illness, substance abuse, crime and delinquency, unemployment and homelessness, and provision for the aged. Focus is on understanding how public and private social-service agencies attempt to address these social problems. Students are asked to explore their own values and beliefs about the provision of social services to disadvantaged populations. The course is intended to help students explore their interests and aptitudes for careers in social work. Fall & Spring Semester: Arranged

This noncredit class meets with a regular University of Utah credit course.

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Class Sections For Social Welfare as an Institution (SWC 300)

Summer 2024 Section 90, Starting on: 05/13/2024

This course is not eligible for the tuition reduction or emeritus discount.

Date(s) Day Time Location
05/13/24 - 07/31/24 Online
Tuition: $750.00 + Special Fee: $54.12 = $804.12      

Instructor: J NED

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Fall 2024 Section 90, Starting on: 08/19/2024

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Date(s) Day Time Location
08/19/24 - 12/05/24 Online
Tuition: $750.00      

Instructor: J NED


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