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Test Preparation

The University of Utah has long been the leader in Test Preparation. For more than two decades, our comprehensive, hands-on courses have helped students excel on their admittance exams.

Own the ACT this year – and pave the way for whatever future you can imagine. Build confidence, set reasonable goals, and learn what to expect on the test.
Planning to go on to graduate school? Your first step is to prepare for the GRE, GMAT, LSAT and TOEFL with Test Preparation.
Through our relationship with Professional Education, we offer courses that are designed to prepare students to achieve professional certification or credentialing

Why the U of U?

  • High-Quality Instructors
  • Affordable and Accessible
  • Low Risk, High Reward
  • Proven Results
  • Extensive Classroom Instruction
  • Comprehensive Materials
  • Competitive Course Costs
  • U of U Approved

U of U Alumni AssociationU Alumni Association members receive a 20% tuition discount on GRE, GMAT and LSAT test prep courses. Become a member today, and then call 801-581-5361 to register for a course.

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The LSAT – When should I take the test? Posted 12 Apr 2017

Ready to take that next step and get started with Grad School?  Visit our website and register today at or call at 801.581.5361. Guest ... Read More >>

Our expertise

The University of Utah's Preparatory Program is designed to help students and professionals achieve high scores on graduate school entrance exams and to successfully gain admission to graduate school, law school, or business school that offers an MBA program.

These courses have been offered through Continuing Education since 1989 and have benefited thousands of prospective students. If you are not currently a student, don't worry! Nearly 75% of our students are not currently attending a college or university.

We offer high-quality instructors with advanced degrees. For example, the LSAT Prep Classes are taught by lawyers and the GMAT by instructors with MBAs or J.D.s.

We are here to enhance your chances of successfully gaining admission to the graduate or professional program of your choice, anywhere in the world.

Why should I take a Test Prep class? Who is eligible to take one of your classes? All this and more, on our Test Prep FAQ page.

This was a great class. James was an excellent instructor who really cared about his students. He always made sure that everyone understood the concepts being discussed and made it a comfortable atmosphere where people could ask questions.
Alan L., LSAT Prep Course, Fall 2015