Professional Development Classes

Academic Noncredit

Learn while you sit in on a regular University of Utah course without the stress of grades and exams. Similar to auditing a course but much less expensive.

Class Title Semester Date(s)
International Business: Introduction to Summer 5/14/18 - 8/01/18
Business Thought: Foundations of Summer, Fall Multiple
Aerial Yoga and Fitness Summer, Fall Multiple
Financial Skills for Life Summer, Fall Multiple
Wilderness Issues and Management Summer 5/14/18 - 6/20/18
EMT Training Summer, Fall Multiple
Medical Terminology Summer, Fall Multiple

Professional Education

Become a leader in your field with targeted training and in-depth certificate programs for any industry.

Class Title Semester Date(s)
Professional Management Certificate Spring 1/01/18 - 5/06/18
Medical Office Manager Certificate - Online Spring Online
Healthcare Information Technology (IT) Certificate - Online Spring Online
Introduction to Machine Learning Spring 2/20/18 - 5/04/18
Operations Analyst Certificate Spring 2/20/18 - 4/24/18
Conflict Resolution in the Workplace Spring, Summer Multiple
Talent Development Spring 4/25/18