Professional Development Classes

Academic Noncredit

Learn while you sit in on a regular University of Utah course without the stress of grades and exams. Similar to auditing a course but much less expensive.

Class Title Semester Date(s)
Biostatistics: Introduction to Summer, Fall Multiple
Data Management Summer 5/04/20 - 8/16/20
Medical Genetics for Clinical Investigation Summer 5/04/20 - 8/16/20
Introduction to International Business Summer Online
Business Thought: Foundations of Summer, Fall Multiple
Labor Economics Summer, Fall Multiple
Intermediate Investments Summer 5/11/20 - 7/29/20
Medical Terminology Summer, Fall Multiple
Driver Education: Introduction to Summer Online
Medical Spanish Summer, Fall Multiple
Human Behavior-Orgn Summer, Fall Multiple

Professional Education

Become a leader in your field with targeted training and in-depth certificate programs for any industry.

Class Title Semester Date(s)
Professional Bookkeeper with QuickBooks Certificate - Online Spring Online
Yoga Teach. Training 1 Summer 5/11/20 - 7/29/20
Yoga Teach. Training 2 Summer 5/11/20 - 7/29/20
Yoga Teacher Training 3 Summer 5/11/20 - 7/29/20
Family Financial Planning Capstone Summer Online
Hospitality Accounting Summer 5/11/20 - 7/29/20
Food and Beverage Management Summer Online
Parks, Recreation and Tourism Experiences and Service Marketing Summer Online
World Englishes Summer Online
L2 Methodology Summer Online
Practicum: Capstone Summer Online