Richard Jorgensen is a Solar Power Electrician for Titan Solar Power, however biology is his passion. Before the Pandemic Richard Worked for the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium where he would educate guests on the plants and animals that call the aquarium home. Richard is a passionate fly fisherman and uses his hobby as a chance to study the fish he catches. He is married to a beautiful woman named Megan Jorgensen and is the oldest of over 30 grandchildren. He loves teaching children and sharing his enthusiasm for biology with them. He sees them as the worlds future and wants to share his love of biology with them. In the hopes that they will learn to love and care for the plants and animals that we share the world with, as he does.

RICHARD JORGENSEN is currently teaching:

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RICHARD JORGENSEN has previously taught:

  • Marine Biology & Ecology (Age 14-17)
  • YAE: Marine Biology and Ecology (Age 11-13)