Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning
Academic Credit

This course helps students learn how to use some simple mathematical techniques effectively in their own field of study and apply those concepts to practical, real-life situations. Topics covered: sets and Venn diagrams, different systems of units and unit conversions, using percents and estimations, financial mathematics involved in loans and investments, linear and exponential modeling and applications, geometric measurements and scaling. This course is primarily for undergraduate students who will not take any further mathematics, except for statistics/probability. QA

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Class Sections For Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning (MATH 1030)

Spring 2021 Section 70

Credit Hours: 3
T 01/19/21 - 04/27/21
6:00 pm-8:30 pm


Price: Tuition + Special Fee: $77.85


Note: Synchronous Zoom lecture during class time listed in the schedule. The Zoom classes serve as both lectures and as forums for answering questions. The course fee covers all required textbooks and course materials at a reduced cost. Students may request to opt out here:

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