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Classes Offered for University of Utah Credit

In order to register for a credit course, every student must be admitted to the University as a matriculated or non-matriculated student. You can learn more about the application process and deadlines by referring to the Admissions Office website.

When the admission process is complete, you will be assigned a student ID# and a PIN/PASSWORD. To proceed with registration for a credit course, login to the web registration system with your ID and PIN.

If you have forgotten your password/pin, call the appropriate number below.


During business hours,contact the Registrar's Office at 801-581-8969.
After business hours, contact the Campus Help Desk at 801-581-4000.

Contact the Campus Help Desk at 801-581-4000
(Closed Sunday)

If you need a student ID# or have any other questions regarding credit registration call the Registrar's Office at 801-581-8969.

Are University employees eligible for tuition reduction on Continuing Education classes?

Yes, after completion of six months full-time eligible employment. Eligibility requirements must be met by the official first day of the regular semester in which classes are to be taken. Employees may receive 50% off tuition for credit classes and non-credit classes offered through Continuing Education. This benefit does not apply to classes offered through Youth Education. This benefit extends to an employee's spouse after an employee has worked full-time for one year. Dependent children enrolling in Continuing Education classes are not eligible for tuition reduction.

To use this benefit, eligible employees must fill out the Tuition Reduction Form.

Employees must apply for tuition reduction each term in which they want to take classes; eligibility does not carry over from term to term. Special fees attached to a class are not included in tuition reduction and must be paid in full. Please contact Continuing Education at 801-581-6461 for clarification of class tuition and special fees if needed.

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