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Subject Catalog Title Semester Location
DANC 101 Dance in Culture Fall Multiple
DANC 102 Non Maj-Interm Mod Danc Fall MCD 260
DANC 107 Dance-Creative Process Fall MCD 240
DANC 111 Conditioning for Dancers Fall MCD 20
DANC 120 Modern Dance: Non Major Beginning Fall MCD 220
DANC 123 Dance Composition for Non Majors Fall Multiple
DANC 133 Ballet Technique for Modern Dance Majors I: Beginning Fall MCD 20
DANC 396 Sound Design: Advanced Fall M LI 1120
DANC 613 Graduate Contemporary Dance Technique II - 1st Semester Fall MCD 240
DANC 615 Graduate Contemporary Dance Technique III - 1st Semester Fall MCD 260

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