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Subject Catalog Title Semester Location
MUSC 115 Musical Expression: Introduction to Fall DGH 272
MUSC 210 Rock and Roll: History of Fall FMAB AUD
MUSC 303 Guitar: Beginning Classical Fall DGH 324
MUSC 304 Guitar: Intermediate Classical Fall DGH 324
MUSC 311 World of Opera Fall DGH 306
MUSC 360 World Music Fall SANDY 110
MUSC 437 Early Music Ensemble Fall DGH 282
MUSC 443 Chamber Music Fall DGH 282
MUSC 445 Utah Philharmonia Fall DGH 272
MUSC 446 Symphonic Band Fall DGH 272
MUSC 450 Marching Band Fall SEFH
MUSC 465 Wind Ensemble Fall DGH 272
MUSC 475 Jazz Combos Fall
MUSC 482 Vocal Pedagogy Fall DGH 324
MUSC 544 University Campus Symphony Fall DGH 272

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