Introduction To Backcountry Navigation
Academic Noncredit

Attendance at the first class meeting is mandatory. Drops not possible after the 2nd day following this meeting. Learn basic backcounty navigation skills and strategies using maps, GPS, compass and other navigational aids to find your way on your next outdoor adventure. You’ll learn about resources as to what type of map is needed and where to obtain maps (both paper and digital) to help plan your travels in the backcounty. Map reading skills will be presented. Both GPS and compass navigational tools will be used during class so students can become familiar with the advantages of each device. Skills learned in the classroom will then be practiced in the field during the day long outing. Additional information will be presented on Leave No Trace principles, resource management issues, skills, safety, and and environmental ethics. Compasses provided, no camping.

This noncredit class meets with a regular University of Utah credit course.

Online book and material fees may be added up until the first week of class. Students may opt out during the first two weeks of class. For more information, visit the Campus Store Inclusive Access Program's webpage. If you opt out, you will be responsible for obtaining the course materials yourself for the course.

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Class Sections For Introduction To Backcountry Navigation (PRTL 226)

Spring 2024 Section 2, Starting on: 04/10/2024

This course will focus on the skills needed to navigate in the backcountry, including map, compass, and electronic navigation via smartphone technology. Snowshoes may be required for the actual orienteering portion of the class. Class meets on-campus on Apr. 10 only. Attendance at first class meeting is mandatory. Field experience is Apr. 19. No camping. *Drops are not possible after the second day following the first class meeting.* To determine the last day to drop this miscellaneous course, see

Date(s) Day Time Location
04/10/24 W 6:00 pm -9:00 pm HPER NORTH 225
Tuition: $278.00 + Special Fee: $50.00 = $328.00      

Instructor: DANIEL SMITH

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