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Our preparatory program offers a comprehensive class to prepare you to do your best on the GRE and get one step closer to graduate school. With its structured approach and comprehensive content, this class is designed to build confidence and sharpen test-taking skills.

Our Guarantee

Once you've paid for a preparatory class with us, you can come back any time within the next 3 years and retake the class free of charge (extra material costs not included), depending upon available space.

Math Refresher

Our GRE courses focus primarily on actual test questions, and assume a working knowledge of the fundamentals of arithmetic and algebra. Your GRE prep course will cover word problems, geometry, probability, basic statistics, and combinations and permutations.

Need extra math help? Our short Math Refresher course is designed to strengthen your arithmetic and algebra skills and build your confidence before you take the GMAT prep course.

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Julie was great, and gave many pointers on how we can be successful on the GRE. Thank you for offering this course, it was well worth my time and money.
Chad S.

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