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Learn the basics of the ACT: what it tests, how it is scored, and what test day will be like. Try your hand at a few questions and find out what you need to get started on your path to a great score!

Thursday, August 6, 2020 (7pm - 8pm)
Zoom Meeting (Zoom link will be provided upon registration)

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Own the ACT this year – and pave the way for whatever future you can imagine. Learn what to expect on the test. Youth Education ACT prep classes will help you:

  • Get the skills to get the score you want.
  • Identify your strengths and weakness.
  • Understand and practice all types of questions. Develop specific strategies for improving math skills, grammar usage, reading comprehension, and science reasoning.
  • Learn how to pace and budget time.
  • Understand how to build confidence and set reasonable goals for the test.
  • Learn how to "guess" most effectively and when you should do it.

Instruction and testing provided during classroom sessions will include a diagnostic test to assess pre-course performances levels and coaching on the writing section. Also included are general test taking strategies to increase test preparedness, suggested remedies for test anxiety, and a full-scale proctored practice test.

ACT Facts

  • The average ACT score for accepted university students in Utah is 25.
  • Our ACT prep class students increase their ACT score by an average of 2-3 points.

Please note: Beginning Fall 2021, ACT scores will not be required when applying to the U. However, a good score will still improve your chances of admission, especially if your GPA is low. Additionally, if you are applying for scholarships based on merit, or are planning on studying business or engineering, ACT scores will still be required. Questions? Read the full press release here or send us an email.

For information about registering for the ACT test or for additional testing dates, please visit the ACT website.

For information about financial assistance for the ACT Prep Course, see our ACT Scholarship Program.

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Class Title Date(s)
ACT Preparatory Course (Grade 10 & Up) Multiple
Intensive SAT Prep Class (Age 14-17) - Online 8/03/20 - 8/13/20
Intro to AP-Level Calculus (Age 14-17) - Online 8/03/20 - 8/07/20
Intro to AP-Level Physics (Age 14-17) - Online 8/10/20 - 8/14/20
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