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High School Test Prep Classes
Youth Education


My daughter said the teacher was very encouraging which meant she felt more confident in her test taking skills. The preview test that she took also increased her score. - ACT Prep

There were nice teachers that taught interesting things that were very helpful! - Intro AP Chemistry

My daughter felt that the teacher made the hard concepts easy. This made the class enjoyable for her! - Intensive Secondary Math

Knock out a few high school credits over the summer, prepare for the ACT or SAT test, and brush up on some AP subjects before fall. With our top-notch instructors and variety of high school classes to choose from, you can make it happen!

ACT Facts
  • The average ACT score for accepted university students in Utah is 25.
  • The minimum is 17.
  • Our ACT prep class students increase their ACT score by an average of 2-3 points.

ACT Prep classes

Own the ACT this year – and pave the way for whatever future you can imagine. Learn what to expect on the test. Youth Education ACT prep classes will help you:

  • Get the skills to get the score you want.
  • Identify your strengths and weakness.
  • Understand and practice all types of questions. Develop specific strategies for improving math skills, grammar usage, reading comprehension, and science reasoning.
  • Learn how to pace and budget time.
  • Understand how to build confidence and set reasonable goals for the test.
  • Learn how to "guess" most effectively and when you should do it.

Instruction and testing provided during classroom sessions will include a diagnostic test to assess pre-course performances levels and coaching on the writing section. Also included are general test taking strategies to increase test wiseness, suggested remedies for test anxiety, and a full-scale proctored practice test.

For information about registering for the ACT test or for additional testing dates, please visit the ACT website.

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