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Class Title Semester Date(s) Location Program
Photographing Helper: Where Utah's History and Art Converge Summer 5/15/24 - 5/22/24 Multiple Lifelong Learning
Watercolor: Paint Bold and Lively! Spring 4/01/24 - 4/22/24 UUCE 138 Lifelong Learning
Photo Editing in Adobe Lightroom Spring 4/03/24 - 4/24/24 UUCE 156 Lifelong Learning
Silk Creations: Intro to Serti Painting Technique Summer 6/03/24 - 7/01/24 UUCE 152 Lifelong Learning
Playful Explorations in Watercolor: Landscape Spring Online, Starting: 4/06/24 Online Lifelong Learning
Crafting Digital Stories: Smartphone Videography Summer 5/14/24 - 5/21/24 Multiple Lifelong Learning
Visual Journaling: Observation and Art in the Garden Spring 4/16/24 - 4/27/24 Multiple Lifelong Learning
Botanical Dyes, Pigments, and Paints Summer 5/15/24 - 6/05/24 UUCE 152 Lifelong Learning
Exploring the Cosmati Pavement of Westminster Abbey with Geometric Drawing Summer 6/03/24 - 6/10/24 UUCE 138 Lifelong Learning
Basic Robotics for Adults Summer Multiple Multiple Lifelong Learning
Sketchbook and Mindful Drawing Workshop Summer 6/24/24 - 7/01/24 UUCE 138 Lifelong Learning
Drawing Basics: Birds at Tracy Aviary Summer 5/28/24 - 6/08/24 Multiple Lifelong Learning
Expressive Charcoal Drawing Summer 6/04/24 - 6/25/24 UUCE 152 Lifelong Learning
Silk Creations: Botanical Print Scarves Summer 8/06/24 UUCE 152 Lifelong Learning
CAD Solid Model Design: An Introduction Summer 5/14/24 - 6/18/24 UUCE 156 Lifelong Learning