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Class Title Semester Date(s) Location Program
101 Plants to Know Spring 4/25/22 SLC UT Lifelong Learning
40-Hour Basic Mediation Training Spring 2/09/22 - 4/06/22 CANVAS Academic Noncredit
5 Ways Technology Will Change the Way We Age Spring 4/27/22 UUCE 154 Lifelong Learning
8,000 Days: The Four Phases of Retirement Spring 3/30/22 UUCE 124 Lifelong Learning
A Cappella Choir Spring 1/10/22 - 4/26/22 DGH 270 Academic Noncredit
Accelerated Beginning Italian Spring 1/10/22 - 4/26/22 BU C 108 Academic Noncredit
ACT Preparatory Course (Grade 10 & Up) Spring Multiple Multiple Youth Education
Addiction Medicine & HIV Spring Online, Starting: 2/01/22 Online Professional Education
Addiction Medicine & HIV Spring 4/01/22 - 5/08/22 Online Professional Education
Adv Business Chines Spring 1/10/22 - 4/26/22 WEB 1450 Academic Noncredit
Advanced Employment Law Spring 4/05/22 SANDY 202 Professional Education
Advanced Persian Language Skills II Spring 1/10/22 - 4/26/22 CANVAS Academic Noncredit
Adventure Media and Photography Spring Online, Starting: 3/22/22 Online Lifelong Learning
AfroTempo I: Introduction to AfroDance Spring 4/06/22 - 4/20/22 SLC UT Lifelong Learning
Agile 101 Spring Multiple Online Professional Education