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Class Title Semester Date(s) Location Program
Wheel-Thrown Ceramics: Beautiful Bowls Spring Multiple SLC UT Lifelong Learning
Stained Glass with Copper Foil: An Introduction Spring 2/08/23 - 3/15/23 UUCE 138 Lifelong Learning
Beginning Knitting Spring 1/14/23 - 2/11/23 SLC UT Lifelong Learning
Metalsmithing I Spring 1/12/23 - 2/09/23 SLC UT Lifelong Learning
Welding: An Introduction Fall, Spring Multiple SLC UT Lifelong Learning
Bronze Clay Jewelry: An Introduction Spring 4/01/23 - 4/15/23 UUCE 138 Lifelong Learning
The Art of Charcuterie Platters Spring 2/07/23 Online Lifelong Learning
Piping with Tips: Beginning Cake Decorating Spring 3/25/23 UUCE 152 Lifelong Learning
Beer Sensory Evaluation and Off-Flavor Training Spring 2/22/23 SLC UT Lifelong Learning
Mediterranean and Egyptian Dishes: A Healthy Cooking Class Spring Online, Starting: 1/14/23 Online Lifelong Learning
Coffee: From Crop to Cup Spring Multiple SLC UT Lifelong Learning
Baking Naan: An Introduction Spring Online, Starting: 2/28/23 Online Lifelong Learning
Vegan Brunch from Start to Finish! Spring 4/22/23 Online Lifelong Learning
Beginning Cooking: Winter Potato Gnocchi Spring 2/07/23 Online Lifelong Learning
Jiaozi: Traditional Chinese Dumplings Spring 2/18/23 Online Lifelong Learning