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Subject Catalog Title Semester Location
YEHS 720 ACT Preparatory Course (Grade 10 & Up) Spring Multiple
YESCI 270 Toy Clinic (Age 8-10) Summer Multiple
YESCI 275 Obstacle Course Mayhem: Build Your Own Bot (Age 10-12) Summer Multiple
YESCI 523 Robotics Jr. I: Introduction (Age 6-8) Summer Multiple
YESCI 526 Robotics I: Introduction (Age 9-11) Summer Multiple
YESCI 529 Scratch: Programming Robots I (Age 8-10) Summer Multiple
YESCI 533 Stop Motion Animation: Movie Making (Age 8-10) Summer Multiple
YESCI 537 Arduino Robotics (Age 11-13) Summer Multiple
YESCI 546 Green Energy Robotics (Age 8-10) Summer Multiple

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